Smart MicroGrid Services

Our integrated grid and microgrid services enable network operators and their customers to optimise connected Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) through automated balancing actions and the generation of new revenue streams. We incorporate AI and machine learning from data points across the entire energy generation, storage, heating, transportation and consumption lifecycle.

The development of an Open Integration Bus (OIB) allows for rapid integration of energy assets, facilitating the participation of microgrids and electric vehicle infrastructure. Our 3rd generation Digital Ledger Technology (DLT) platform enables the evolution of a neural network of interconnected appliances, vehicles, microgrids and mesh networks allowing us to increase the granularity, accuracy and speed by which data aggregation occurs. Overall, strategic rationality and sustainability are provided by the close connection with impact, data and business model management approaches.

Improved forecasting underpins a better balanced grid and facilitates introduction of a diverse asset portfolio in the balancing mechanism, including voltage and frequency response as well as new reactive power sources, reducing infrastructure and connection costs and easing constrained access arrangements, ultimately leading to lower consumer bills.