The Corby Project

The Corby project demonstrates how Power Transition’s technology works in a microgrid context, greatly increasing throughput and performance while significantly reducing costs, energy consumption and network latency. 

  • 47 zero-carbon smart homes
  • Integration at the IoT level commercially demonstrating trading energy between peers, using Power Transition's energy platform
  • Designed and enabled to work with Power Transition
  • National case study, part of the BEIS Building for 2050 program
  • Two-phase Innovate UK backed project; phase one funded and completed

Key Milestones

  • Optimisation of energy production and consumption at individual as well as community levels
  • Improving FFR and Demand Response with National Grid by improving battery charge-discharge cycles
  • Accurately monitoring and controlling energy tariffs through tokenisation
  • Reduction in electricity bills for consumers - £620-770 per year
  • Reduction in the emission of greenhouse gases - 110-130 tonnes of CO2e per year


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