The Trust Layer of the Energy Sector

We have the fastest, most secure Digital Energy Platform in the world. Period.

We have a proven software platform that can manage up to a billion transactions a day. That's a lot of zeroes.

With our software, homes and businesses seamlessly trade energy with each other and the grid. Clean energy for all.

We are backed by the UK government, academia and industry. And over 600 investors.


A Digital Energy Platform for distributed energy resources (DERs) that enables every participant in the energy system to access data and dynamically track, optimise and balance energy transactions in real time, and at any scale, from micro grids to national grids.


We provide a common language for energy transactions and trading that enables millions of buildings, EVs and devices to become vital parts of the energy system, enabling the transition to renewable energy.


An inherently scalable smart energy solution providing access to energy data to connect, tokenise and optimise energy transactions worldwide, from micro-grids to electric vehicles to energy networks.


Our ambition is to become the universal transaction platform for intelligent energy systems worldwide – the common operating language for the energy transformation providing financial and non-financial reporting for energy trading, distributed energy networks and flexibility services.

Why Power Transition? Why Hedera?

Scalable transactions per second for PT compared to Ethereum, Bitcoin and Visa, displayed as speedometer

Nearly 6 times faster than Visa and over 800 times faster than Ethereum.

Scalable transactions per second for PT compared to Ethereum, Bitcoin and Visa, displayed as bar chart
Energy consumption of Hedera compared to Ethereum, Bitcoin and Visa

Our platform is over 600,000 times more energy efficient than Ethereum.

Others may see us as competitors, but we are all potential collaborators*

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We have built some incredible collaborations

Power Transition is proud to work with the following organisations:

Smart Energy Solutions for Distributed Energy Resources

Software Architecture

Power Transition’s smart software architecture provides state-of-the-art cybersecurity, generating data to empower organisations and people to take control of their energy, cutting costs and enabling the rapid transition to a zero-carbon economy.

Distributed Energy Resources

We have developed a game-changing energy resource management platform, using distributed ledger technology (DLT). We create flexibility and transform how energy is transacted, used, managed and traded by network operators, utilities, businesses and individuals alike.