Investing in the Future of Energy

We have the fastest, most secure Digital Energy Platform in the world. Period.

We provide smart energy and demand management. You take back control of your energy pricing.

We have a proven software platform that can manage up to a billion transactions a day. That's a lot of zeroes.

With our software, industrial and commercial sites seamlessly trade energy with each other and the grid. Clean energy for all.

We are backed by the UK government, academia and industry. And over 600 investors.


Our vision is to transition the world to an efficient, clean, secure and affordable energy supply.

The Challenge

  • Supply prices have doubled, even tripled. Energy bills are skyrocketing!
  • Lack of adequate energy infrastructure, grid constraints & instability delays the power transition
  • No control over energy pricing. No smart management wastes energy
  • Climate emergency requires an immediate need to decarbonise

Our Purpose

  • Drive down cost for consumers, businesses & eradicate fuel poverty
  • Accelerate the transition to renewable energy & radically decrease carbon
  • Bring stability & fairness to the energy sector
  • Solve global challenges via the energy & cleantech markets
  • Reduce infrastructure and connection costs
  • Increased granularity and accuracy of data
  • Local load balancing
  • Better forecasting to support the Balancing Mechanism
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  • Planning gain through decarbonisation and infrastructure cost reduction
  • New income streams from settlement behind the meter
  • Participate in the flex market
  • Benefit from new market mechanisms
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  • Dynamic application of time-of-use tariffs
  • Access to data to improve forecasting for settlement
  • Reduce exposure to imbalance charges
  • Improve accuracy of trading position
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  • Load management
  • Automated control of assets
  • Site optimisation and demand management
  • Management of generation, demand and storage
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  • Behind-the-meter power energy asset optimisation
  • Provenance of green energy
  • Secure, encrypted, auditable and standardised data
  • Improved forecasting and decision-making through digitalisation
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  • Extract data from monitoring and metering systems
  • Optimise energy services through automation
  • Exercise control through smart metering
  • Access to the flexibility market
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Breakthrough Solution

Our Smart MicroGrid technology provides significant energy and cost saving, optimises efficiency of renewable energy generation whilst managing demand and accelerating zero-carbon goals.

We are delighted to be working with the BRE, a leading UK innovation hub, who are hosting our Smart MicroGrid project and implementing our Digital Energy Platform
  • Smart MicroGrid integration to allow distributors and customers to benefit from independent balancing and optimisation whilst responding to market triggers
  • Simple to use digital energy platform integrating the latest AI technology and machine learning to optimise energy generation, demand and storage throughout the energy system lifecycle
  • Drives positive behaviour, supporting the energy transition and locally balancing grid networks
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  • Provides a single point of billing, data collection and validation
  • Capability to report battery condition, status of charge and charge from locally generated clean energy
  • Providing revenue generation opportunities
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  • Our expertise and knowledge enables us to provide tailored solutions for commercial, industrial and residential developers, MicroGrid developers and operators and EV fleet service providers.
  • Services include, project planning, energy feasibility modelling, infrastructure design and development support services, business use case development, requirements analysis and commercial modelling.
  • Adding value by streamlining, cost cutting and enhancing products and services to every part of the supply chain.
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Our Digital Energy Platform for Smart MicroGrids is the market leader for industrial and commercial environments

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