• It gives me great pleasure to support Anthony Morgan and the fantastic team at PowerTransition! The investment market is awash with widgets and gadgets promising to save the planet, but Power Transition provides a tangible solution that is able to answer a very real problem that faces everyone globally.  Energy management and transition is critical, and it’s critical now.  While others are quick to over-promise and under-deliver, PT has taken the time necessary to understand the issues and cut their USP In what can only be described as an incredibly complex and constantly changing energy transition marketplace.  Their proposition is relevant now but also provides that key future-proofing promise; that eludes others in this sector.  Everything PT has created points to a solution that will allow those savvy enough to engage to open up opportunities that they wouldn’t have considered to date.

    In assessing investments, for me, it’s as much about the team, as it is about the proposition and in Power Transition the team is exceptional. (They are lovely people too). This is in turn echoed in the depth of their advisors and the top industry partners that they have attracted - all supporting the vision and looking to deliver the best solution.  Power Transition has the right technology, expertise and traction and I fully expect the company to soar.

    Chris Rule

  • I’ve invested in Power Transition because as a large-scale developer, we identified specific constraints in the grid on certain sites that without optimisation would significantly impact the investments making these large-scale infrastructure projects unviable. We see Power Transition’s Digital Energy Platform as a means by which we can unlock the project’s viability and future-proof our investment funds with a comparatively low capital cost.

    Graham Crowe

  • I’ve invested into Power Transition because of their experienced, committed, passionate and dedicated team and their game-changing Smart Microgrid solution. When we see the models running out and the vastness of the global applications we can make a real difference with, I am truly excited to be a part of their energy optimisation revolution!

    Shaun Marsden

  • Having worked closely with the team developing our EV Fleet Energy Hub solution, the competitive edge of our proposition has been greatly enhanced by Power Transition’s deep understanding of the energy sector. Their professionalism and passion for developing the business and the unquestionable uniqueness, scalability and versatility of their smart microgrid platform makes me very excited to have been able to invest.

    Jonathan Field
    Managing Director, Thermeco

  • Consensus Group are actively implementing a decarbonisation agenda across its property portfolio and see Power Transition and its Smart Microgrid solution in playing a fundamental roll in optimising sites demand and providing new revenue streams whilst reducing carbon. Anthony and the team have shown drive and knowledge that will see their platforms success.

    Bridget Woods
    Route to Commercialisation Smart MicroGrids (Consensus Group)

  • We are delighted to be working with Power Transition on the Smart Microgrid project at the BRE Science Park. Integrating their Digital Energy Platform into our campus at Watford will provide a world-first commercial demonstrator and testbed to showcase this optimisation technology for both public and private sector applications. Not only are we pleased to host this important research which we hope will benefit many in the future, we are seeing benefits from the work right now in reducing demand and shifting loads on our site.  This will reduce cost and carbon at a time when we, in common with all organisations, must respond to unprecedented energy price increases.

    Gillian Charlesworth
    CEO, Building Research Establishment

  • ElectraLink is enabling transformation of the energy system through Flexr, its new data sharing and standardisation service, in response to a clear need to deliver greater flexibility in a coordinated way. We welcome Power Transition’s aspirations to further support an open and level playing field for the flexibility market, as we collectively work towards safeguarding data and network security.

    Marc Bartlett
    DSO Strategy Lead, ElectraLink

  • The research team at the Centre for Energy Systems and Strategy (CESS) at Cranfield University have been working with Anthony and his team at Power Transition since 2019. The energy industry is undergoing an incredible transformation towards decarbonisation, distribution and digitalisation. We at Cranfield CESS expect to work with Anthony and his team closely at this exciting time with Power Transition in a strong position to support research and development into furthering the commercial application and integration of digitisation into the energy industry.

    Dr Chao Long
    Lecturer in Digital Energy Systems, Cranfield University

  • The CIREGS research team at Cardiff University have been working with Anthony and his team at Power Transition since before the company’s inception. Cardiff University's role for the InnovateUK funded, “Smart Local Energy Systems” project was to provide analysis of the local peer to peer energy system. The university also supported Anthony in his wider role as Lead Engineer to the Corby Zero-Carbon Homes project, which was used as the demonstrator for the Innovate bid. The project demonstrated the potential use of their DLT platform to enable peer to peer energy sharing across the development. Using this type of technology to digitise Smart Grids and securely aggregate data is a practical, smart way of managing energy networks. Power Transition are one of the leaders in this field and have my full endorsement for the important work they are undertaking. Cardiff University leads a new £800k research project with UK and Chinese academic and industrial partners including Power Transition on “Multi-energy Control of Cyber-Physical Urban Energy Systems”. We expect to work with Anthony and his team closely in this exciting project and we look forward to providing ongoing support to their team.

    Professor Jianzhong Wu
    Professor of Multi-Vector Energy Systems, Cardiff University and Co-Director of UK Energy Research Centre

  • Trusted Renewables Ltd, founded in 2008 is a team of former BT Labs senior managers. The company addresses IoT in the energy sector with support from Innovate UK. We have patented the smart solar panel and our current focus is to develop trustworthy energy ecosystems based on emerging IoT and blockchain architectures. Power Transition has proven to be an ideal partner with their Hedera Hashgraph based DLT and iMaaS platforms. Their superior data aggregation performance and market flexibility show great promise to contribute to our shared objective of a complete ‘end-to-end’ green energy ecosystem. The team has the necessary expertise to take on the complex technical challenges and working together will expand our ability to bring new commercial innovation to this exciting sector.

    Colin Mallet
    Founder, CEO Trusted Renewables Ltd & previously Founder of BT Mobility Research Centre, BT Research & Ventures

  • For the past 8 years at Electric Corby we have been wrestling with the challenges of creating truly scalable, flexible and impactful community energy solutions involving trading renewable energy. One of the significant hurdles has been identifying a means of robustly and securely tracking and managing the plethora transactions needed to ensure all party trust. Power Transition have both a clear understanding of these challenges and the scalable solution able to address them, so we’ve been delighted to work with them to help bring their solution to market.

    Nick Bolton
    Co-founder, Electric Corby CIC

  • The energy industry is undergoing an incredible transformation. In much the same way as the retail industry moved from the high street to digital overnight, the energy industry is moving from a centralised generation driven market to a decentralised and flexibility driven market. Businesses like Power Transition will be critical as the new market will rely on innovative solutions to deliver energy optimisation through asset registration, data mapping and cataloguing all the while ensuring decarbonisation of the grid.

    Aditi Tulpule
    Director, 4D Energy Advisory & Legal Counsel to Elexon

  • At Interface we embarked on a journey to become a restorative enterprise and through our leadership position influence and empower others to embrace environmental sustainability. I now support leadership teams and businesses with a culture of curiosity, where purpose is at the core and there’s an enthusiasm and drive to make a difference. I’ve made a commitment to Power Transition, providing investment and strategic support to the leadership team on their journey to financial sustainability and transformation of the energy sector.

    John Walker
    Former CEO of Interface Europe & Asia Pacific, $5BN+ commercial interiors business, pioneers of sustainable practice.