Network Owners & System Operators

NGESO, Transmission & Distribution Network Operators


The Problem

Grid and network operators have the following challenges to overcome:

  • Managing peak demand
  • Grid capacity constraints
  • Blackouts and the need to procure frequency response
  • Power intermittency from Distributed Energy Resources
  • Reduction of baseload capacity
  • Regional network constraints
  • Risk to infrastructure not supporting transition to renewable energy
  • Grid reinforcement and increased cost
  • Realise flexibility to meet local needs as a DSO
  • Reliant on 3rd parties for data to balance electricity supply and demand

The Solution

We can connect a maximum number of controllable assets on the network, increase the granularity and accuracy of data aggregation and forecasting to support balancing mechanism services through voltage and dynamic frequency response, to enable real-time data analysis and automated balancing actions, also maintaining reactive power by tapping into existing DER (Distributed Energy Resources) generation connected to the network. Our platform identifies flexibility and provides energy asset optimisation and cost mitigation via a secure data record for embedded generation.

Independent Distribution Network Operator


The Problem

Independent network operators need to respond to:

  • Predicting demand and managing peaks
  • Optimising network assets
  • Avoiding the need for grid reinforcement to support new connections
  • Electrification and the business risk of transitioning from gas
  • Infrastructure cost increases

The Solution

Power Transition creates new revenue streams through site DER (Distributed Energy Resources) asset optimisation. We reduce infrastructure and connection costs through avoidance of constrained access arrangements, for example with peak lopping.