Springfields, Project LEO

Power Transition has been commissioned by The Low Carbon Hub, Oxford to investigate solutions for Springfield Meadows. The site consists of 25 homes near Abingdon built by Greencore Construction to near PassiveHaus standards. With 150 kWp generation on the scheme, it is restricted by the network operator to 75 kWp export, presenting an export limitation of a further 75 kWp of generation from the site. 

Power Transition is providing technical, regulatory and commercial feasibility analysis of the site to ascertain solutions to overcome this limitation. Given that the Springfield site suffers from a physical constraint, the project team is identifying solutions that alleviate the export issue for the site, reduce carbon through enhanced monitoring, cut costs through optimisation of the site and support local load balancing using the Power Transition Digital Energy Platform.

The Low Carbon Hub project is part of Project LEO and includes:

•Dialogue with metering system registrant (Supplier) to identify the potential for active load management to be undertaken through the smart meter.

•Should sufficiency of flex potential be identified such that local balancing is possible with existing assets, a detailed regulatory and commercial analysis is being undertaken to ensure the viability of the solution.

•Subject to confirmation of commercial viability, the project will look to establish a two-way information gateway with SSE's active grid management system.




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