BRE Smart MicroGrid Project

Power Transition Ltd is working with the Building Research Establishment (BRE) to establish a Smart MicroGrid across their UK campus. 

The main objective of this project, in its first phase is to demonstrate the effectiveness of a Smart MicroGrid in reducing: cost, energy and carbon and to show how optimisation through the application of a ‘Digital Energy Platform’ can derive additional savings in both energy and carbon from market mechanisms. Power Transition's Digital Energy Platform will support measurement, dynamic control and will provide automated and independent smart grid services across the BRE Bucknall’s Lane campus and enable Peer-to-Peer & Peer-to-Grid trading.

The Smart MicroGrid project will:

  • Demonstrate site optimisation, transacting and trading in response to grid, DSR and pricing signals.
  • Demonstrate platform integration with hardware and facilitate the dynamic control of assets.
  • Quantify carbon impact in real-time and provide provenance of energy in a secure, immutable, and trusted way.
  • Create a common digital business language that will permit the seamless exchange of information between humans and machines and allow interactions with business intelligence (BI) and artificial intelligence (AI) systems.
  • Provide savings and identify revenue streams that are measurable as a result of the demonstrator, through identified business use cases including dynamic control, load shedding and behind the meter settlement.




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