Active Building Centre Project

Active Building Centre commissioned Power Transition to conduct a use case analysis and develop the solutions architecture to support Smart MicroGrid services at the Berkley ex-nuclear campus site which also accommodates the South Gloucestershire & Stroud College campus.

The team set out to develop and customise a hardware solution to support and build upon the Digital Energy Platform integration work and produce a physical demonstration board to be used to demonstrate the emerging regulation, P375 – Settlement Behind the Meter. Two of the UK's leading experts in the field, Elexon’s legal counsel, Aditi Tulpule and the Smart Energy Code administrator and lead, Ashley Pocock advised. In addition to PTL’s leadership team, industry representatives from Secure Meters & Hilderbrand also attended workshops to provide guidance and support on hardware/software solutions for Active Building Centre sites.

Our work includes:

  • Identifying and developing use cases and logical architecture for the deployment of the Digital Energy Platform, specific to the ABC Berkeley and SGS site.
  • For each identified use case relevant to the ABC site, we will identify and outline the solution architecture for the site – this will include identification of hardware, software and systems integration.
  • Identifying and agreeing solutions to be validated as part of detailed site regulatory, commercial and technical analysis and a detailed data model.
  • Site-specific testing and validation. 

Next steps include: 

  • Site audits and surveys and use case mapping
  • Regulatory and requirements analysis
  • Commercial viability modelling
  • Simulation and options analysis
  • Roadmapping and Digital Energy Platform implementation




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